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Legitimate Online Divorce Services (BBB Accredited Websites)

Wish to end your marriage and get a divorce from your husband or wife in a quick, simple and cost-effective do-it-yourself process, without lawyers or high legal fees?

Using the services of legitimate, law-abiding and trustworthy divorce websites is the best way to avoid the risks of being exploited, overcharged, scammed or ripped off.

This list provides information about online divorce form preparation services approved by the Better Business Bureau, after being thoroughly reviewed by the national consumer organization and successfully meeting all their strict requirements.

Legitimate Online Divorce Services (BBB Accredited Websites)


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While some marriages end respectfully and peacefully with mutual understanding and a dignified parting of ways, others quickly deteriorate into a dirty, ugly and messy process where all sides lose and suffer.

Unlike contested divorce, in which the parties cannot agree about core issues and need the help of the court to make critical decisions, in an uncontested divorce, both sides agree on everything and do not need the intervention of the judiciary system to decide on key aspects like asset and property division, finances, alimony, custody and support of the children, etc.

Online divorce services provide a quick, easy and stress-free solution where couples see eye to eye on how they want to close that chapter in their life, go on separate ways and get a fresh start.

These divorce document preparation websites provide a practical and affordable DIY alternative to hiring an attorney that saves time, money (in expensive legal fees) and much unneeded hassle.

After answering questions regarding their case through an online interview or questionnaire mechanism, such websites provide customers with all the legal paperwork.
As soon as the completed divorce documents are ready, the user can download, print, sign and file them with the local court in his or her state.

Consumer Tips: How to Avoid Online Divorce Scams Online

Just like any other sector that involves consumers, businesses, and money that switches hands, the online divorce market also has its fair share of scammers, fraudsters and poor quality services that operate online and look for potential victims.
Scammers use many illegal, unethical or dishonest ways to trick couples who want to separate and continue with their lives.

In some online divorce scams, the website’s terms are full of anti-consumer loopholes that enable the company to charge anything, anytime – including for services the customer has paid for.
These clauses enable shady services to engage in unethical billing practices and use aggressive methods to milk more money out of the customer, before delivering anything.

Some low-end companies provide poor quality work, do not fill the divorce papers correctly or generate incomplete documents, from which essential parts are missing.
Forms in such state are usually rejected by the courts, causing significant damage to the customer.

Other providers have a slow service, where correcting document errors, even simple ones, may take weeks if not months – which delays the entire process even further.

Taking these steps will help you find more credible and reliable companies to work with:

Use Services that Offer Court Approval Guarantee

Avoid divorce sites that provide no specific money-back-guarantee.
Work with companies that guarantee that the courts will actually accept the forms provided by them in their state – and if not, a refund will immediately be issued.

Investigate the Online Divorce Service’s BBB Record

Check the company’s record on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
What you’ll find there, will help you evaluate whether it’s a legitimate business that deserves your money and trust or if you must look elsewhere.

Look for current BBB rating, customer reviews, complaints, warnings and alerts on their business profile.
Also, learn how long it has been in business – a potential indicator of experience and reputation.

If the website is not even listed with the BBB, this is a very bad sign.
On the other hand, if the divorce filing service is certified as a BBB Accredited Business, it’s an important positive signal.

Pay Close Attention to Red Flags

Learn how to protect yourself better when ordering goods and services on the internet, to avoid scammers and keep safe in general.
Knowing how to check if a website is legitimate or not is the first line of defense.