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Legitimate Personal Loan Companies (BBB Accredited Lenders)

Wish to find a convenient and affordable way to borrow a fixed amount of money for a fixed period to help finance your unique need, goal or project?

Borrowing from legitimate, law-abiding and trustworthy online lenders is the best way to avoid the risks of being exploited, overcharged, scammed or ripped off.

This list provides information about personal loan services approved by the Better Business Bureau, after being thoroughly reviewed by the national consumer organization and successfully meeting all their strict requirements.

Legitimate Personal Loan Companies (BBB Accredited Lenders)

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A personal loan is an amount of money that can be borrowed from a bank, credit union or a private financial institution.
It is paid back in monthly installments with interest until the entire balance is repaid.

Unlike a mortgage or a car loan secured by the purchased home or vehicle (which can be used to recoup the lender’s losses if the borrower falls behind on payments), unsecured loans do not require putting down any collateral to qualify.
Instead, they are issued and supported only by the individual borrower’s creditworthiness.

Applicant requirements, approval rates, and actual loan terms can vary greatly from one lender to another.
Considerations that influence key aspects like how much money a consumer can borrow, interest rate and loan term include applicant’s credit score, income level, financial history, debts, desired loan amount and other factors.

Personal loans can be obtained from a variety of traditional and alternative sources:

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Consumer Finance Companies
  • Direct Online Lenders
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending Services

This type of loan can be used to finance a variety of personal expenses, such as:

  • Any Large Purchase
  • Weddings
  • World Travel & Vacations
  • Medical Bills
  • Car Repairs
  • Education
  • Home Projects & Repairs
  • Unexpected Emergencies
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Moving
  • Big Life Events
  • Other Large One-Time Expenses

In this day and age, the major online lending platforms have reached a turning point where they can challenge powerful traditional players in the national and regional financial system, such as banks and credit-card companies.

U.S. consumers enjoy a better ability to shop around, compare offers and take advantage of lower APR, lower or even no associated fees, higher amount limits, more flexible terms, fast online loan decisions, next-day funding, and other important benefits.

Consumer Tips: How to Avoid Personal Loan Scams Online

Just like any other sector that involves borrowers, lenders, and money that switches hands, the personal loan marketplace also has its fair share of scammers, fraudsters and cybercriminals that operate online and look for potential victims.

Scammers use many illegal, unethical or other dishonest ways to take advantage of people interested in an installment loan and con them out of their money.

Fraudulent websites are using creative ways to steal applicants’ personal information or money.
Some scams advertise loans with no credit checks; others may promise “guaranteed approval” that often involves upfront “processing fees”.
Also, many cybercriminals build and promote fake lending sites that use phishing as their weapon of choice.

Taking these steps will help you find credible and reliable lenders and decrease the likelihood of being trapped in a scam:

Verify Lender Registration

Lenders must be registered in the states in which they conduct business.
Verify that the company you are considering is legally registered or licensed in your state.
The registration process normally takes place through the state attorney general’s office.

No Credit Check Required? Walk Away!

Stay away from lenders not interested in checking your credit history.
Any legitimate website will investigate your credit history before approving a loan to evaluate whether you can repay it on time.

Steer Clear of Unrealistic “Guarantees”

No legitimate lender can promise that they’ll approve your application before closely evaluating your personal information and your financial records and history.

Verify Website Security

Keep safe from phishing and identity theft attempts.
When visiting a lender’s website always look for basic security indicators such as a padlock symbol in your address bar and a secure address that begins with “https” – especially before submitting information.

Investigate the Personal Loan Company’s BBB Record

Check the company’s record on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
What you’ll find there, will help you evaluate whether it’s a legitimate lender that deserves your money and trust or if you must look elsewhere.

Look for current BBB rating, customer reviews, complaints, warnings and alerts on their business profile.
In addition, learn how long it has been in business – a potential indicator of experience and reputation.

If the business is not even listed with the BBB, this is a terrible sign.
If the lender is certified as a BBB Accredited Business, it’s an important positive signal.

Pay Close Attention to Red Flags

Learn how to protect yourself better when ordering goods and services on the internet, to avoid scammers and keep safe in general.
Knowing how to check if a website is legitimate or not is the first line of defense.