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Legitimate Online Gun Shops (BBB Accredited Websites)

Wish to save time and money and order firearms, ammo, parts, optics, accessories or other shooting supplies from the comfort and privacy of your home?

Buying from legitimate, law-abiding and trustworthy dealers is the best way to avoid the risks of being exploited, overcharged, scammed or ripped off.

This list provides information about online gun stores that were approved by the Better Business Bureau, after being thoroughly reviewed by the national consumer organization and successfully meeting all their strict requirements.

Legitimate Online Gun Shops (BBB Accredited Websites)


Palmetto State Armory


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While in the past, all firearm purchases used to take place at local gun shops, more Americans are moving to online vendors. This shift is so customers can enjoy more shopping freedom and obtain the items they want and not what the salesperson is trying to sell them.

The major online gun dealers in the market offer substantial benefits in convenient research options with the most up-to-date professional information, much broader selection, and more competitive pricing compared to the traditional physical stores.

From handguns, shotguns, and rifles to ammunition, sights, storage solutions and tactical gear, these companies offer products from all major brands.
Customers of websites in this industry include individuals who purchase guns for protection, hunting, sports shooting, as part of a collection or their job in the military, law enforcement, or security sectors.

Consumer Tips: How to Buy Safely and Avoid Gun Scams Online

Just like any other field that involves buyers, sellers, and money that switches hands, the retail gun market also has its fair share of scammers, fraudsters and cybercriminals that operate on the internet and look for potential victims.

Scammers use many illegal, dishonest or unethical ways to con gun buyers.
Some shady gun websites may sell used items as “factory new” ones, while others may send defective or damaged items.

Some fraudulent dealers constantly use classic bait and switch tactics on their websites.
They advertise tempting sales with dirt low prices, and after an order is placed, they refuse to honor the original offer under an “out of stock” pretext.
Instead, they do their best to persuade the customer to substitute the ordered item with a more expensive or less attractive alternative.

Other common fraudulent business practices implemented by the bad actors in the gun industry include sudden price changes during the checkout process, false advertising, unauthorized credit card charges, refusal to issue refunds (even when the customer is entitled to one) or a variety of shipping and delivery issues.

Taking these steps will help you find credible and reliable retailers and complete your purchase in a safe, secure and satisfactory way:

Buy only from 100% Legal Sources

Buy guns and related gear only from licensed retailers that work in full accordance with federal, state and local laws and promote responsible and safe gun ownership.
Such vendors transfer merchandize in-person (through a local FFL), only after all applicable government requirements—including personal background checks—are fulfilled.

Investigate the Gun Store’s BBB Record

Check the retailer’s record on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
What you’ll find there, will help you evaluate whether it’s a legitimate business that deserves your money and trust or if you must look elsewhere.

Look for current BBB rating, customer reviews, complaints, warnings and alerts on their business profile.
In addition, learn how long it has been in business – a potential indicator of experience and reputation.

If the website is not even listed with the BBB, this is a bad sign.
On the other hand, if the online firearm dealer is certified as a BBB Accredited Business, it’s an important positive signal.

Pay Close Attention to Red Flags

Learn how to protect yourself better when shopping on the internet, to avoid scammers and keep safe in general.
Knowing how to check if a website is legitimate or not is the first line of defense.