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Legitimate Payday Loan Companies (BBB Accredited Lenders)

Wish to get a relatively small short-term cash advance from a dependable source, to cover unexpected bills, urgent one-time financial obligations or emergency expenses?

Borrowing from legitimate, law-abiding and trustworthy lenders is the best way to avoid the risks of being exploited, overcharged, scammed or ripped off.

This list provides information about payday loan services approved by the Better Business Bureau, after being reviewed by the national consumer organization and successfully meeting all their strict requirements.

Legitimate Payday Loan Companies (BBB Accredited Lenders)

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We live in an unpredictable world full of uncertainties, where simple everyday things can dramatically change in a blink of the eye: from serious health complications, sudden job loss or unexpected car repair to unanticipated school fees, divorce, and other acute life events.

Some unfortunate crisis scenarios require immediate access to cash.
Payday loans give borrowers the money they need to get through the challenges of a temporary financial emergency – until they get their next paycheck.
Loan amounts may range from $50 to $1,000, depending on individual state laws.

Due to their sky-high interest rates and short repayment periods, they should be a last resort and only when borrowers are confident they can repay the money quickly – under the loan’s terms.

Despite all the justified controversy around them, for some people, they still represent the only viable way to get money in a crisis – especially for borrowers with bad credit or those who have run out of alternative options.

A high number of consumers still use this financing channel despite all the legitimate bad press and even though it may trap them in vicious cycles of debt.
Almost any U.S. adult with a regular job and an active checking account can apply for a cash advance, without the hassles of tedious paperwork or credit checks, which keeps this market alive and kicking.

Consumer Tips: How to Avoid Payday Loan Scams Online

Just like any other sector that involves borrowers, lenders and money that switches hands, the payday loan market also has its fair share of scammers, fraudsters and cybercriminals that operate online and look for potential victims.

Scammers use many illegal, unethical or other dishonest ways to take advantage of people in a desperate need for quick cash and con them out of their money.

Some phony payday loan websites pretend to provide loans, but in practice simply collect applicants’ personal information and sell it to many clients, such as third-party lead-generation companies, marketers or even criminal parties.

Sometimes, con artists run collection scams, in which the target receives a phone call from an individual posing a payday loan collector and accuses him or her of failing to repay a loan they have never actually taken.
The “collector” uses aggressive techniques and scare tactics to threaten the potential victim with legal action and jail time if the fake debt is not paid in full immediately.

Taking these steps will help you find credible and reliable lenders and decrease the likelihood of being trapped in a scam:

Learn about Payday Loan Laws in Your State

Some states strictly regulate the payday loan industry, while others prohibit their operation.
Understanding the specific local laws will help you evaluate whether a payday loan provider is legitimate or not.

Check The Lender’s License

Verify that the lender you consider borrowing from has a state-issued license or certification which certifies them as a direct payday lender.
No proper license? Avoid using this service.

Do Not Trust Phone Calls or Emails

If you’ve been contacted by phone or email by anyone who is falsely claiming that you owe them money for payday loan debt – be extremely cautious, do not provide nor confirm any personal information and report this fraud attempt to law enforcement authorities and the FTC.

Investigate the Payday Loan Company’s BBB Record

Check the company’s record on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
What you’ll find there, will help you evaluate whether it’s a legitimate lender that deserves your money and trust or if you must look elsewhere.

Look for current BBB rating, customer reviews, complaints, warnings and alerts on their business profile.
In addition, learn how long it has been in business – a potential indicator of experience and reputation.

If the business is not even listed with the BBB, this is a bad sign.
If the lender is certified as a BBB Accredited Business, it’s an important positive signal.

Pay Close Attention to Red Flags

Learn how to protect yourself better when ordering goods and services on the internet, to avoid scammers and keep safe.
Knowing how to check if a website is legitimate or not is the first line of defense.