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Legitimate Ticket Websites (BBB Accredited Services)

Do you want to attend a local, national, or international major event, such as a popular music concert, Broadway hit, theater show, sports game or some other high-demand performance?

Buying from legitimate, law-abiding, and trustworthy ticket sale websites is the best way to avoid the risks of being exploited, scammed, or ripped off.

The following list provides information about online ticket marketplaces that were approved by the Better Business Bureau, after being thoroughly reviewed by the national consumer organization and successfully meeting all their strict requirements.

Legitimate Ticket Websites (BBB Accredited Services)

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The internet revolution that started towards the end of the 20th century has completely changed the way that many traditional industries work.
In the past, people that wished to see a live show had to wait in line for hours, and in some cases even much longer, just to be one of the lucky ones that would get to put their hands on these precious tickets.

However, this reality has totally changed as ticket sales have increasingly moved to the World Wide Web.
Consumers have the ability to purchase tickets online from the original, officially licensed seller (like Ticketmaster) without waiting in endless lines, as soon as they go on sale.

In addition, independent secondary market platforms that connect buyers and resellers offer the ability to obtain tickets to the hottest events in town, even at the very last minute.
In many cases, professional resale sites provide fans with the only practical way to get good seats at popular, hard-to-get-into shows and sold-out events, so they can see their favorite artist or sports team perform.

Consumer Tips: How to Buy Safely and Avoid Ticket Scams Online

Just like any other sector that involves buyers, sellers, and money that switches hands, the resale ticket market also has its fair share of scammers, fraudsters and cybercriminals that operate online and look for potential victims.

Scammers use a variety of illegal or unethical ways to trick and take advantage of unsuspecting art lovers, concert-goers, theater enthusiasts, and passionate sports fans.

Dishonest, fraudulent or totally fake sites may charge hidden fees or charge the customer for premium front-row seating while delivering nosebleed seats or providing inferior customer service.
Other fraudsters may distribute duplicate or counterfeit tickets, sell non-existent tickets that are never delivered, or cancel purchases at the last minute so they can re-sell the tickets at a much higher price.

Taking the following steps will help you find credible and reliable sources and complete your purchase in a safe, secure, and satisfactory manner:

Does the Site Provide a Decent Guarantee?

Do not do business with platforms that do not provide 100% protection to their customers from issues like non-delivery, inaccuracy or scams and also include a money-back guarantee in case anything goes wrong.

Avoid Auction or Classified Ad Websites

Online auctions and classified ad sites have a long history of being the weapon of choice of scam artists who wish to defraud people that are desperately looking for tickets to an upcoming live event.

How Good Is the Company’s Customer Service?

Services that provide 24-hour customer service have a better ability to provide real-time help when you need it.

Use Safer Payment Methods

Do not use cash, wire transfers, or other hard-to-trace payment methods to pay the seller – under any circumstances!
Instead, use payment options that offer better protection and security, such as credit cards or PayPal.

Prefer Websites with NATB Membership

Check to see if a ticket website you’re considering using is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers, which is another important sign of reliability.

Insist on Transparency

Buy only from services that are completely transparent with the customer and provide full and clear details regarding the transaction.
Such information must cover issues like ticket type, seat location, all associated fees, delivery method, refund options, etc.

Investigate the Ticket Resale Site’s BBB Record

Check the reseller’s record on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
What you’ll find there will help you to evaluate whether it’s a legitimate business that deserves your money and trust or if you need to look elsewhere.

Look for current BBB rating, customer reviews, complaints, warnings and alerts on their business profile.
In addition, learn how long it has been in business – a potential indicator of experience and reputation.

If the business is not even listed with the BBB, this is a very bad sign.
On the other hand, if the ticket exchange site is certified as a BBB Accredited Business, it’s an important positive signal.

Pay Close Attention to Red Flags

Learn how to better protect yourself when ordering goods and services on the internet. This helps you to avoid scammers and keep safe in general.
Knowing how to check if a website is legitimate or not is the first line of defense.